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Enterprise Competency Coach

Enterprise Competency Coach is a unique competency improvement solution that will facilitate the performance of your employees, enterprise wide. It is designed to assist Managers to coach employees on specific set of competencies that lead to performance at work and track their progress through quantifiable data.

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Latest research shows global businesses have tripled their spending on social learning. Today’s business world demands a combination of formal and informal learning with an emphasis on collaboration, knowledge sharing, social networking, coaching, and mentoring. The role of L&D has transformed to facilitate and enable learning.

Over 2000 man-days of coaching completed by leaders globally using the ECC

Enterpise Competency Coach is an innovative leadership product that enables leaders coach and measure the effectiveness of coaching on employee performance improvement. ECC has been used by leaders in the Oil & Gas, EPC, IT and ITES industry.

The innovative leadership software was designed and implemented in early 2015 and facililates globally accepted G.R.O.W model of coaching. The software can be used for both employee development and facilitating learning transfer.

The software features the following key areas such as

  • Globally accepted coaching body of knowledge
  • Technical, Busines, Leadership and Behavioral competencies
  • 20-box Competency framework
  • Behaviorally Anchored Rating Scales
  • Social networking and learning
  • Artificial intelligence to predict future behaviors
  • Coaching review scheduling and reminders
  • Action plan tracking
  • Analytics and Dashboard
  • Clients

    Facilitated and measured coaching effectivess for over 200 employees since 2015

    Enterprise Competency Coach is a state of the art leadership software that quantifies the effectiveness of coaching and facilitates employee performance. Few of Axl Learn’s global clients are

    Enterprise Competency Coach was designed and implemented in early 2015 with the aim to accelerate G.R.O.W coaching and measure the effectiveness of coaching on employee development. Coaches and Employees who have used the ECC say,

    “The tool helped me immensly in developing my team’s performance through a structured and effective way in coaching my staff and measuring their competency improvement. This has helped me develop a performance culture in my team.”

    “The staff analytics was very useful to gauge how many man-hours of coaching was conducted in my Unit by my Managers. The ECC helped them be better leaders developing their staff.”

    “The tool took us just 15 minutes to complete the coaching conversation.”

    “The predictor feature was extremely useful during the coaching engagement”

    Client presentation

    Enterprise Competency Coach from Adith Abraham

    Product Features

    My Performance

    This feature allows employees to view their current competency proficiency and rate other colleagues in the Enterprise for the services provided by them. They can also list their own professional credentials including job relevant experiences for others to view.

    Quick Team Generator

    Now, you do not have to invest your valuable hours sifting through various employee records to identify competent Employees for a new project. This unique feature will help you search and filter a list of competent and qualified staff members in the Enterprise at the click of a button.

    Coach View

    This feature is designed to assist Managers to be better coaches and support the coaching engagement with their staff on specific competencies that would yield higher performance. In the Coach view, Managers can enter specific competencies, target proficiencies and decide the dates for coaching and assessment through an effective dialogue with the Employee. The competency assessment of current behaviors are carried out by the Employee, their Manager and an internal Customer who have a clear line of site to the quality of performance of the Employee. Various performance reports can be accessed by Stakeholders to monitor the progress made by the employee throughout the coaching engagement and beyond.

    Competency Library

    We offer a comprehensive Competency Library with unique list of ‘20 box’ Behavioral indicators that are aligned to the Balanced Scorecard. The Behavioral indicators can be made bespoke to your Enterprise and made specific to different jobs.

    Competency Analytics


    A key to successful execution of Business strategy is attracting, acquiring, developing and retaining competent Human Resources. The Competency Analytics feature is designed to illustrate data through multiple demographic dimensions to assist strategic Human Resources Management in your Enterprise.